Top 7 Benefits of Linux – You Should Definitely Try Linux

Benefits Of Linux

Are you an aspiring Software Developer? If yes you must have knowledge of Linux and know the various benefits of Linux. So in this tutorial, we are going to discuss the benefits of using Linux.

What is Linux?

Linux is a kernel-based, open-source, Unix-like operating system that is widely used by developers all over the world. The most common users of Linux include Web Developers, Network Engineers, Cybersecurity Personals, etc. Linux is open source which means its source code is easily available for personal use, testing and experiment. Unlike Microsoft Windows users, Linux users need not buy any license for using it on their local machines. The most important and interesting thing about Linux is a worldwide community of developers is constantly working on improving its functionality.

What are the Benefits of Linux?

If we try to list out the benefits of using Linux then the list will be endless. So let’s discuss some of the key benefits of using Linux.

1. Free and Open-source

Linux is freely available for community use, unlike macOS & Microsoft Windows. The Linux source code is easily available. If you are a programmer and have some knowledge of system programming and operating systems then you can customize your Linux operating system according to your needs and requirements. You can also contribute, modify, and add some new functionality to Linux for community use.

2. Secure and less vulnerable to malware & viruses

Linux is very secure and less vulnerable to malware and viruses. It does not require any Antivirus for the protection of files and data stored on the system. In Linux, viruses cannot execute on their own because every program in Linux requires authorization from the system administrator (superuser) where he/she has to type the system password. In this way, Linux provides a safe and secure environment for the users to work on. That’s why Linux is the first choice of developers.

3. Linux Distributions: Different flavors of Linux

There are so many Linux distributions also called Linux distros are available for the community to choose and use. All of these Linux distributions describe the different flavors of the Linux operating system. Following are some of the popular Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint
  • Kali Linux
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Arch Linux
  • CentOS

NOTE: Normally Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the preferable Linux distros for beginners while Debian and Fedora are the Linux distros that are preferred by the developers.

4. Lightweight and requires very few system resources

Linux is lightweight and requires very few system resources including RAM and Hard disk space to run. That’s why we use some of the lightest Linux versions of Linux like Lubuntu, Puppy Linux, etc. to revive our older computers. Because they can be installed and run fast even on the older computers with low system configuration, we can perform the basic tasks on our older systems with greater ease.

5. Stable and high performance

Linux operating system is very stable because it’s lightweight. Linux systems rarely hang up/slow down while using it. Hence the Linux users need not reboot their system again and again to maintain its stability and performance. Linux supports multiple users very effectively and efficiently. It is an ideal operating system for multitasking that can easily handle multiple tasks at the same time because Linux is very reliable in process management. It can be used to handle a large number of networks and workstations without affecting their efficiency.

6. Fast, easy, and safe Software updates

It is one of the most favorable features of Linux operating systems. There is a vast library of Linux software that a user can easily install. In Linux, all the software and system updates are in user control. These software updates can be downloaded directly from the web and installed on the system very fast without generating any issues. All the developer’s tools like Git, MySQL Server, Docker, etc. can be installed very easily using the Bash (Unix) Shell or Linux terminal.

7. Excellent community support

If we encounter any errors or issues while using a Linux system then the troubleshooting becomes very easy because of the vast community support available for Linux users. There are multiple forums available online where we can ask for the help regarding Linux operating system. Also, most of the developers and programmers are using Linux operating system which makes this community more reliable to seek help and support for Linux.


In this tutorial, we have discussed only some of the key benefits of using Linux but this list does not end here there are a lot many Linux features available to explore and learn. Hope you have understood the importance and benefits of Linux. After reading this, you must be excited to use the Linux operating system, so don’t wait just go and install your favorite Linux distro.