The Linux tr Command

The Linux tr command helps a user to delete a set of characters or translate them to another character set. This is especially useful when you know a set of characters have to be replaced but the file size is too large to manually make the changes. The Linux tr command’s list of functions includes …

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The gzip Command in Linux

Working with archives in Linux is easy. There are a few commands that take care of almost all the archive types for you. The gzip command in Linux is one such command. Without any arguments, the gzip command will automatically compress the files that you specify right after the command. How to Compress Files With …

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How to Use The Linux top Command

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the Linux top command. Managing system resources is essential for a Linux system admin. You need to have control over processor tasks to use your hardware optimally. The Linux top command shows you the running processes on your system. It also helps you monitor how the system …

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