Install Fast on Ubuntu – Step-By-Step Guide to Check Internet Speed from Terminal

Install Fast On Ubuntu Linux

In this article, we’ll guide you with a step-by-step process on how to install Fast, a command-line utility written in Go language, and use it to check our network speed from the comfort of the terminal. We’ll discuss two methods to install the utility.

Why use fast?

We all have been in situations where we quickly need to check our network speed, but going through the tedious process of opening the browser and then looking for a speed test website to load up and then wait for its slow test to start – gets annoying.

But now we have a solution to make things easier and significantly ‘Faster’.

Install Fast on Linux using the binary file

We will be downloading the binary file for a 64bit system. For downloading the binary file for this tool we can use curl or wget. First, we use curl to download the binary file.

$ curl -L -o fast

Now we download the binary by using wget.

$ wget -O fast
Downloading The Binary File
Downloading the Binary File

Now, after downloading the binary file we will set “execute” permission using the chmod command so you can run it:

chmod +x fast
Changing Permissions To An Executable
Changing permissions to an executable

After giving the execute permission, we can run Fast by executing the file as shown below:

Running Fast
Running Fast

Install Fast using the snap package manager

Alternatively, you can also install Fast using snap. To be able to install using snap you need to have snapd to be installed on your system.

$ snap install fast
Installing Fast Using Snap
Installing Fast Using Snap

Then to run Fast type the following.

$ fast
Running Fast By Typing Fast
Running Fast By Typing Fast


Now you have successfully installed Fast on your system and you are all set to put it to use whenever you want an update on your network speed quickly from your terminal.

Thank You For Reading
Thank You For Reading