How to Install Docker and Run a Docker Container on Ubuntu

Docker is an application that simplifies the process of managing application processes in containers. Containers let you run your applications in resource-isolated processes. Containers are similar to Virtual Machines, but are much less resource-intensive, as they only need the absolute minimum to run a particular application, and does not require installation of a separate Operating […]

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Understanding Ubuntu’s hosts file

The hosts’ file is an extremely useful albeit small text file that stores host names with associated IP addresses. It is basically a mapping from hostnames to IP addresses. Any network protocol uses this mapping to convert hostnames to numeric IP addresses. The mapping is because the Network Layer does not work with the hostnames.

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Linux ifconfig command

NOTE: Before reading this article, I would like to inform you that the ifconfig command is outdated, and is not recommended anymore. The ip command is the current replacement for the ifconfig command. Even though this program may be outdated, you may be in a system where you may need this command, so I’ll start

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Linux ping Command

PING (Packet INternet Groper) is a network administration utility used to check the connectivity status between a source and a destination computer/device over an IP network. It also helps you assess the time it takes to send and receive a response from the network. Basic Principles behind ping Command Whenever there is a requirement to

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Linux chmod Command

The chmod (change mode) command in Linux is used to change the access mode of a file, based on the type of user accessing the file and the type of permission associated with accessing the file. File Permissions and User Groups For understanding what the types of permissions and the types of users are, let

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