Shell Script

The sprintf() Function In C/Linux

The sprintf() function belongs to the printf() family of functions. In this module, we are going to discover more about this function and how we can use it in our programs. Defining the sprintf() function The Linux Man Pages for sprintf() defines it as : Basically sprintf() stands for “String Print”. Unlike standard printf() which …

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Sudo Command in Linux/Unix

When you use the sudo command for the first time, you see the message “With great power, comes great responsibility.” And rightly so. “Sudo” is short for Superuser Do. With this command, any user who has been granted permissions has access to root-like privileges without having to actually be a superuser. Working with sudo Command …

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The man command in Linux/Unix

When you buy a new home appliance, it is accompanied by a user manual that explains the functions of the appliance. Similarly, when you download and install a new package for Linux, the user manual for the program is automatically installed in your system. The man command is what you can use to read through …

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