NextCloud vs Owncloud: Which self-hosted cloud solution is better?

OwnCloud Vs NextCloud

Owncloud vs Nextcloud are Open-source Self-hosted cloud storage services and are often considered the same, but they differ in services, features, pricing, and security. In this article, we will compare Owncloud vs Nextcloud in services, features, security, and pricing.

There are other cloud services like Google Cloud, Dropbox, and Microsoft’s One Drive, but they don’t provide security control. On the other hand, Owncloud and Nextcloud provide full control over your data and give the option to manage your own infrastructure. You can sync your files, folders as well as documents from Microsoft Office using both these cloud storage solution.

Owncloud vs Nextcloud – An Overview

Let’s get right into the comparison between Owncloud vs Nextcloud and look at the different aspects that make them unique and similar. By the end of this article, you should have enough information to make a choice between both of these services.

1. Introduction: Owncloud and Nextcloud

Owncloud was released in 2010 providing an alternative for other cloud storage services like Dropbox, etc. It is an open-source, self-hosted cloud storage service through which you can access and sync your files, contacts, calendars across all your devices and can also control what happens and who can access your data.


Nextcloud was released in 2016 by the founder of OwnCloud, Frank Karlitschek, after leaving the company due to differing opinions. Nextcloud is written using PHP and JavaScript which helps you to sync, share, access your data and collaborate through desktop and mobile devices. It is built for Linux-based system.


2. Pricing: Nextcloud vs Owncloud

Owncloud provides a free service for self-hosted servers along with access to community apps and forums, files sync and share, and other basic features. The free service is limited to only one user. It also provides an Enterprise and standard plan which provides full access to all the features. The enterprise edition also gives a 30-day free trial.

Owncloud pricing

Unlike Owncloud, Nextcloud provides a completely free service for self-hosted servers. For enterprises, Nextcloud provides three different plans namely basic, standard, and premium. They mainly differ in Features and some additional components. Both Owncloud vs Nextcloud are Open-source. You can check all plans and features on the official pricing page of OwnCloud and Nextcloud.

Nextclpoud pricing

3. Features: Nextcloud and ownCloud

Owncloud offers file syncing and sharing features. It provides features such as Face-ID, Office integration, mobile apps for android, iOS and desktop clients, and ransomware protection. It also provides an online office suite with Microsoft Teams integration and support for large files.

Owncloud features

Nextcloud offers basic file syncing and sharing features along with collaborative work, video conferencing, outlook integration, kanban support, and complete access to your file. Nextcloud is continuously increasing its services by adding new features and security features for both enterprise and community editions. It also has apps for Android and iOS.

Nextcloud features

4. Security: Nextcloud vs Owncloud

Owncloud provides some security features only in enterprise and standard editions. It also offers a 30-day free trial for the enterprise edition so you can check the necessary security features. Owncloud provides most of the security features in the free version.

Owncloud security

Nextcloud also provides security features such as better password handling, end-to-end encryption, protection from brute force attacks, and other security option. It also offers a Bug Bounty program to find bugs on its platform.

Nextcloud security

5. Community support

Owncloud has a support page that provides documentation, forums, tutorials, etc. It offers premium support for the enterprise edition. In the free version, you have free access to the community forum but not live customer support.

Nextcloud also has a support page for both enterprise and community which provides documentation, forums, etc. It provides premium support for both enterprise and community editions.

Both OwnCloud and Nextcloud have wide community support.

But in recent years, Nextcloud is gaining more contributors as compared to Owncloud due to its increased security and features.

Nextcloud or Owncloud: Conclusion

We already discussed the key differences between OwnCloud vs Nextcloud over different factors. To call out a winner, I’d say Nextcloud is developing and growing its service and features at a faster pace.

Nextcloud is completely free for self-hosted servers (check out our Raspberry Pi guide) and is continuously increasing its security features and is a valid choice for file syncing and sharing solution.

Owncloud, on the other hand, provides a free version but for certain features and live support needs enterprise or standard edition. Nextcloud has more active support than OwnCloud and is taking a strong lead in the near future than OwnCloud.