Manjaro Linux Review – Should You Switch To Manjaro?

There are many popular Linux distros like Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux Mint, etc. Manjaro is also a popular Linux distro. We will be discussing the same in this article.

About Manjaro Linux

Manjaro uses Arch Linux as a base but it is very different from Arch Linux. Arch Linux is quite difficult, where you have to do everything manually, it is not pre-configured and does not contain a GUI by default.

It does not contain any desktop environment by default but you can install them manually if you want. It is a great distro but quite hard, especially for beginners.


In Manjaro, everything comes pre-configured and is a lot easy to use. Users prefer Manjaro more than Arch Linux because it is very user-friendly. Let’s check out the features Manjaro Linux offers:

Easy Installation

Installing Manjaro is a lot easy as compared to Arch Linux. Installation of Arch Linux is the real pain for many users. Unlike Arch Linux, Manjaro comes with a graphical installer where you can easily customize it as you want. It also gives an option to switch to Manjaro Architect which is a terminal-based installer where you can customize it your own way.


Great Hardware support

Manjaro offers good hardware support and recognition. It automatically scans the system and installs the required drivers. Manjaro has a large community and forums. They are available in 29 languages. You can install any additional hardware by Hardware Detection Tool MHWD. It auto-installs the drivers by clicking on Auto Install.


Desktop environment

While installation, Manjaro Linux gives an option to choose the desktop environment. It officially supports KDE, Xfce, and GNOME. There are many other desktop environments supported by the Manjaro Community. It includes Cinnamon, Mate, Budgie, LXQt, and many more. You can install other desktop environments manually. Unlike Arch Linux, Manjaro still supports AMD.


Package Manager

Manjaro does not support PPA’s but you have access to AUR (Arch User Repository). You don’t need to worry about software and applications as it has its own official repository.

If something is not available in the official repository, You can find it in AUR. Manjaro Provides rolling releases, and you can update whenever you want.

It is very stable because it is tested more than Arch Linux and updates are released after some additional testing.


Kernel Management

Unlike other distros, Manjaro offers a Graphical User Interface for Kernel Management. So, it is very good for beginners who are not so used to terminal commands.

It is very fast, stable, responsive, and provides good customization. It also supports Snap and Flatpak package managers so you can install snap applications on Manjaro in the Pamac software manager.


We have discussed Manjaro Linux over various factors. It is great for both beginners and advanced users. It is a good alternative for Arch Linux which users find difficult to use. Using Manjaro is hassle-free and is a good option to switch from Windows or Mac.