Install Dark Theme on Qbittorrent – Step-By-Step

Install Dark Theme On QBittorrent

As a top choice for Linux users, qBitTorrent has made a name for itself with its user-friendly interface and open-source nature. With additional versions for Windows and macOS, it’s no wonder the software has become widely popular. However, users might notice one minor drawback: the absence of a built-in dark mode option.

In this article, we’ll walk you through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to adding a custom dark theme to your qBitTorrent application. Not only will this give your torrent client a personalized touch, but it will also protect your eyes from harsh screen glare during late-night downloading sprees. So, let’s get started and give your qBitTorrent a stylish, dark makeover that you’ll surely appreciate.

Set Up Dark Theme on qBitTorrent

In this article, we will discuss how we can apply dark themes to this application and save our eyes.

Step 1: Download themes

GitHub Repo For Dark Themes
GitHub Repo For Dark Themes

This GitHub repository has an excellent collection of dark themes for qBitTorrent. Download the zip file from the releases section located on the right side. There’s also a Dracula theme for qBitTorrent in this repository. Download this by pressing the green button on the right and clicking on ‘Download as Zip.’

Download The Zip File From Github
Download The Zip File From GitHub

You can also clone the repository using git in the command line.

Step 2: Extract the Zip Files

Now, head to the Downloads folder in your file manager and select ‘Extract Here’ after right-clicking the downloaded zip files. You can also do this in the terminal by:

cd ~/Downloads/

And extract the archives by typing :

Extract The Zip Files
Extract The Zip Files

Replace the version number, as yours can be different from mine in the future as they release newer updates.

Also, check out how to use zip and unzip files using the Linux terminal.

Step 3: Move .qbtheme files to the correct location

Now, this step is completely optional, but to follow conventions, we will follow this step. This will also keep our Downloads folder clean. In your home directory, create a hidden directory named .themes. To do this in the command line, type:

mkdir ~/.themes

Now, navigate to the directory where you have extracted the zip files and copy-paste all the .qbtheme files to the .themes directory we just created. To do this easily in the command line, use the find command like this :

find . -name "*.qbtheme" -type f | xargs cp -vt ~/.themes
Copy Themes To The Hidden Destination
Copy Themes To The Hidden Destination

Step 4: Apply the theme

Ensure you have first enabled ‘View hidden files and folders from your file manager, as we have moved all the themes to a hidden directory for convenience’s sake. It is usually located on the settings menu at the top right in right in the file manager. Now we are ready to apply the themes.

If you are wondering if a terminal-based file manager exists, this article has you covered.

Open the qBitTorrent application and go to Preferences from the Tools tab on the header bar, or press ‘Alt+O’ to open it.

Preferences Menu
Preferences Menu

Click on the ‘Use Custom Theme’ checkbox and click on the file icon below it. Now, navigate to the .themes folder we created earlier in this tutorial, and select any theme you like.

Navigate To The Themes Directory And Select Theme
Navigate To The Themes Directory And Select Theme

You can try out different themes individually and determine which one you like. At last, click apply and hit Ok. All you need to do now is restart the application, and your theme will be applied.

Dracula theme in qBittorrent


In conclusion, this straightforward guide has equipped you with the knowledge to personalize your qBitTorrent experience by incorporating a dark theme. Say goodbye to eye strain during those late-night downloading marathons, as you can now select from an array of stylish and modern dark themes that cater to your taste.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ve upgraded your torrent client’s visual appeal and taken your user experience up a notch. So, revel in your newly transformed qBitTorrent with an eye-friendly dark theme. And always remember that a touch of resourcefulness and technical know-how can go a long way in customizing any software to your heart’s content.