Robotis DarwinOP

Recently, several sorts of humanoids are developed like ASIMO[1], HRP[2], LOLA[3], and HUBO[4]. supported these humanoids, varied difficult AI researches on motion designing, walking, manipulating, communication, Vision process, and artificial intelligence are administrated and noteworthy results even have been shown. From the purpose of read, it’s no exaggeration to mention that a golem is that […]

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Globalscale Technologies D2Plug and Marvell PXA510

The D2plug can be used by software designers System Integrators (SI); for assessment, application development, Rapid Prototyping, and interoperability testing for a “cloud” based service deployment. The solution that is complete an attractive, revolutionary and “fan-less” enclosure is likewise available for bundling solutions for item release with custom branding. An SD card slot and two

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ZT Systems R1801e

Key Features: Up to Eight ST SPEAr 1310 microprocessors with twin ARM Cortex™-A9 cores Total system energy budget <80W High efficiency 250W 80+ Bronze Power Supply High performance, energy saving SSD storage Efficient design enables optimal levels that are thermal without system fans ZT Systems R1801e Data Center Host The ZT Systems R1801e breaks ground

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Linux Mobile Phones

Have a look at the best Linux mobile phones released until now. The specifications and their features are listed down below. ZiiLabs Zii Trinity — Dec. 1, 2009 — This mid-range smartphone development platform from imaginative Technology subsidiary ZiiLabs aids both Android and ZiiLabs’ Linux-based “Plaszma” stack. The Zii Trinity is centered on ZiiLabs’ double

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3D DRAM created by IBM and Micron, 128GBps memory on the way

Smaller and faster RAM with up to 128GBps transfer speeds could be on the way thanks to research from IBM and MIcron. The companies have developed three-dimensional memory, stacking individual DRAM chips vertically that would normally have to be placed side-by-side, though the efficiencies gained aren’t solely down to space. Communication between the stacked chips

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Commodore C64x

It’s a name that aged gamers will forget never. And hopefully, it’s a title that even gamers which can be new-age recall and respect. Somehow or another, Commodore USA is still kicking, plus they announced today they are now production that is shipping for the new Commodore 64 Extreme model (C64x-EX). The C64x Extreme could

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