Linux Kodachi: Get Supreme Level of Privacy

If you look at the world right now, almost every second person uses the Windows operating system on their PCs or laptops. It is likely the obvious choice for anyone who grew up with Windows and has never tried Apple products. However, what about Linux?

The free operating system has many benefits, many of them relating to its incredibly private setup.

However, for new Linux users, the learning curve involved with customizing a Linux system prevents them from fully realizing their privacy goals. On the other hand, Kodachi is one Linux OS that provides comprehensive security and privacy protection out of the box, even if you’ve never used it before.

Let’s examine the privacy advantages Kodachi offers.

What is Kodachi?

Kodachi is a secure operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. It is designed to create secure communication with anonymous web browsing, encrypted messaging, and shapeshifting capability to change Tor networks’ virtual device profile. It is an excellent option for those wishing for more privacy from their OS but unwilling to go for other Linux distros.

With Kodachi, one can communicate private details using video conferencing or via sound chat at the highest level of security.

The system also includes some of the most up-to-date security and privacy features available, including VPNs, Tor browser plugins, and streaming services. Kodachi also comes with an emergency self-destruct option that destroys the whole system and any data it may contain.

Moreover, Kodachi can be used directly through a USB stick without installing it on your PC.

Privacy tools in Kodachi

Linux Kodachi offers some of the most sought-after privacy tools that ensure protection, security, and anonymity. It also comes with an emergency self-destruct option that provides total data destruction.

The following are the top privacy tools in Linux Kodachi:

Automatic VPN connection

The most secure internet browsing is possible with the most up-to-date security against hacking and data thefts. Kodachi offers 9 VPN services, allowing you to choose the one appropriate for your location.

Anonymous web browsing

Users enjoy anonymous web browsing thanks to Kodachi’s use of Tor technology. These technologies anonymize internet traffic by bouncing it across different servers located around the world, encrypting data before sending it out, and decrypting it before reaching its destination. Since no data gets stored at any point throughout this process, hackers or other third parties can never access it or track users.

Auto DNS Connection

Kodachi automatically updates your local DNS server to ensure you always use the safest connection possible. It is fast, efficient, and maintains a good security level. It changes DNS servers from time to time through different IP addresses, making it more difficult for hackers or other third parties to track you down. This is done without any human intervention.

Benefits of Kodachi?

The Kodachi browser includes numerous add-ons that can be used to block scripts on your browser, modify browser settings, block advertising, and delete cookies. These extensions will help you avoid online tracking, cryptojacking, and other issues.

Moreover, Kodachi comes with all the features you’d expect from a secure operating system. It also offers full anonymity via a VPN, TOR Network, and even DNS encryption. When you start the operating system, it changes your MAC Address and starts the VPN and Tor Network Service automatically. Then it sends all your traffic through the VPN + Tor Network Tunnel, which is encrypted using DNS encryption.

In addition, the operating system includes a wide range of cryptography tools, including VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt, and GPA. These tools allow users to easily encrypt files using their passwords so that nobody can access them without the appropriate decryption key.

Also, Kodachi offers secure cryptocurrency wallets to keep track of and conduct cryptocurrency transactions securely. If you have a darknet or surface web account, there are several options for protecting your identity while making purchases. These wallets can assist you in anonymity when purchasing on the darknet or the surface web.

Is Linux Kodachi for You?

Kodachi Linux is not meant for everyone, or there isn’t a compulsion to use it. It is difficult to switch to a completely different OS once you have everything set up on your current one. But what can you do if you want privacy but cannot find the motivation to go for Linux? Well, you can protect your device, be it running Windows or macOS.

For instance, you can use Tor technology on any operating system. However, it might be a struggle due to its sluggish performance. Thus, you might quickly drop its use after running into repetitive speed issues. Luckily, you can also install a VPN on your computer to protect your communications online. After all, it encrypts your internet traffic, hides your IP address, and ensures safety on any network you connect to. Thus, if you wish to be private online, a Virtual Private Network is one of the first things to consider.


Linux Kodachi is one of the most secure operating systems in the world. It offers anonymous web browsing, messaging, and cryptocurrency transactions. With all these features, Kodachi becomes more suitable for internet privacy enthusiasts who want to enjoy every day with high-level security.