Steam on Linux: How to play games using Steam on Linux

Steam On Linux

Can you install steam on Linux? As you may know, Linux is well known for its professional use among programmers and developers. But it doesn’t mean that Linux lacks the taste of entertainment, precisely gaming.

Steam, a world-renowned gaming platform is supported on Linux. This means you can play games using Steam launcher on your Linux machine without worrying and enjoy the pastime between your programming/work hustle.

In this article, we will discuss how we can setup Steam on Linux and start gaming on it.

Setting up Steam on Linux

Steam has around 1.2 million active users who use it on their Linux systems. Let’s start with the setup to enjoy its out of the world gaming experience, on our Linux system.

Step 1: Download the latest Steam installer

Firstly, we will head over to the Steam official website to download its Linux installer.

When you visit the link, you will get a screen like shown in the image below:

Steam Website Steam on Linux
Steam Website

Here, click on the Install button at the top right of the page and you will get a screen with the Install Steam button, click on it and your download will start.

Steam Installer Download Steam on Linux
Steam Installer Download

Step 2: Installing Steam on Linux

Now, open a terminal and cd into the Downloads folder. Use the following command for that:

cd Downloads/

After that, use the below command to install the Steam package you just downloaded:

sudo dpkg -i steam_latest.deb

Step 3: Finishing setup and Signing into Steam

Once you have installed the Steam launcher, you will be able to search it in your Applications tab.

Steam Installed
Steam Installed

To finish setup, run Steam launcher as it will download some updates to function properly.

Steam Downloading Update Files
Steam Downloading Update Files

Once Steam finishes updating, a screen will pop up to ask for your login credentials, similar to the image below. If you already have a Steam account, use your previous credentials or Create a New Account to start playing games on Steam.

Steam Login
Steam Login

Downloading and playing games using Steam

Once we have set up and signed in to the Steam launcher, we are ready to play the games that are supported for Linux in Steam.

Note: Steam also has paid games, so you need to pay to subscribe and play them.

Step 1: Search for the game you wish to play

After opening Steam, you will find a search bar where you can search for any games you wish to download. Enter the name, search and select the desired game to open its Preview page.

Searching For A Game On Steam
Searching For A Game On Steam

Step 2: Installing the game

After you have found the game, scroll down on the preview page of the game and you will find a “Play Game” icon. Just click on “Play Game” and you will be asked to confirm the installation, hit Next and you are good to go.

Downloading A Game In Steam
Starting Game Download On Steam

After your game starts installing, you will be able to find it in the Library tab.

This is where all the downloaded and wishlist games are added for ease of browsing.

Downloading Game In Steam
Game Download in progress In Steam

Step 3: Start Playing it!

Once your game finishes downloading, you will have a Play button. Just click on it, and start playing.

For the first time, you start a game, it will take some time to initialise its setup and it will also add a shortcut in your system applications, for ease of browsing.

Ready To Play Game On Steam
Ready To Play Game In Steam


In this article, we discussed how to play games using Steam on Linux. Steam has really good graphics and games made compatible with Linux systems. So, you will surely love the experience.

Hope you liked it!