Komikku: Read Comics on Linux with this easy-to-use FOSS application

Komikku Download And Read Comic Books And Manga

We have already discussed Koodo, an open-source e-Book reader available on Linux as a desktop application as well as a Web app. However, to use the Koodo reader efficiently, you must have your own copy of PDFs/e-books in order to import them to the Koodo reader.

On the other hand, Komikku is an open-source Manga reader through which you can download and read a comic book/ Manga directly, without ever opening a browser. And in this tutorial, I will show you how to install and run this application on your system. We will also look at all the features this app has to offer.

Installing Komikku

Depending upon your Linux distribution, you can run the following commands in your Terminal :

# On Fedora Workstation
sudo dnf install komikku

# On Arch Linux (from the AUR)
yay -S komikku
Installing Komikku Om Fedora Workstation
Installing Komikku Om Fedora Workstation

For any other Linux Distribution, you can install this application from Flathub if you have enabled Flatpak on your distribution :

flatpak install flathub info.febvre.Komikku

Features of Komikku reader on Linux

Komikku Reader Interface
Komikku reader’s Interface

This beautiful open-source application is available only on Linux-based operating systems. It looks the best on the GNOME desktop environment, however, it can work on any desktop environment. Some of its features are :

  • You can read comics online from a number of supported services.
  • Comics can also be downloaded for offline reading.
  • Manga/Comics can be categorized in your library for a clean Interface.
  • Automatic update is available for comic books.
  • Touchpad and Touchscreen support.
  • Theming options include Light and Dark themes.
  • History is available so that you can pick up reading where you left it.
  • LTR, Vertical, RTL, and Webtoon reading modes are available.
Downloaded Comic Book Details
Downloaded Comic Book Details


The UI of this application is very simple and easy to use. Although, you can face trouble sometimes while accessing online servers. Managing and sorting them in the library is really easy and effortless. The Flathub application really gives the user freedom to install it on any distribution, but you can build the application from a source if you want to.


Komikku – GitLab page