Watch ASCII Star Wars in the Linux Terminal

Watch Star Wars In The Linux Terminal

May the force be with you fellow Jedi Knights! What if I tell you there is a way through which you can watch Star Wars in the terminal? No, I’m not playing mind tricks on you, you can actually do that with the help of a program named Telnet. Note that there won’t be any Blu-ray or Streaming Service level quality of the movie, as we are playing with a plain ASCII program. But hey, it’s fun nonetheless!

Bad Feeling About This
Scene : When Millennium Falcon arrives at Death Star

Watch Star Wars with Telnet

Telnet is basically a network protocol through which we can connect to another host (or someone else’s computer). Depending upon your distribution, install Telnet by running the following commands.

Installing Telnet

For Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based systems, open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install telnet

For Arch and Arch-Based systems:

sudo pacman -S inetutils

For Fedora Workstation:

sudo dnf install telnet

Run Telnet

To run Telnet, simply open a Terminal and type

Star Wars in the terminal
Star Wars in the terminal

Where is the hostname of the server we are connecting to. You can exit out of the animation by pressing Ctrl + ] and then press q and enter to exit.

Sadly, the server goes down sometimes, if you see any error like ‘Could not open a connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed’ then it simply means that the server is not accepting any connections.

You can still watch it by heading to in a web browser.


We hope you had fun! You can explore the galaxy of the open-source world using the internet as your Millennium Falcon (Or Razorcrest for that matter). The Force works in mysterious ways, but Linux surely does not, the Linux world is very well documented, and the archives are complete. Keep Learning!