Empowering Traders: Guide to Installing Kite-Zerodha on Linux

Installing Kite Zerodha On Linux

Kite-Zerodha stands out as the most popular and trustworthy choice for seamless trading experience and provides a superior user-friendly experience to its competitors. In the dynamic world of online trading, having a trustworthy, efficient, and reliable trading platform is important for investors and traders. While Kite is primarily a web-based app, there is an option available for Linux users to enhance their trading experience by installing Kite by Zerodha directly on their Linux-based systems.

In the following guide, we will cover the advantages of using Kite by Zerodha on Linux, then go through the step-by-step procedure for its installation process, and finally conclude with a discussion of the possible advantages for the trading community. Additionally, here’s an article about MetaTrader5, used by users to trade currencies on the forex market.

What are the benefits?

It is important for you to understand the advantages of installing Kite by Zerodha on Linux, so that you can use it to its full extent and also have an understanding of the trading platform:

  • Native Application Experience: Installing Kite-Zerodha on Linux provides users with a native application experience. This means faster access to its features, improved performance and a dedicated interface customized for the Linux environment.
  • Enhanced Stability and Reliability: Using Kite by Zerodha as a standalone application on Linux can lead to increased stability and reliability. Users can experience a more consistent trading experience and an increased performance without depending solely on a web browser.
  • Efficient Resource Manager: Using the standalone application allows the users to use the resources more efficiently on the Linux system. It minimizes the impact on system resources, which results in a smoother trading experience without any unnecessary overhead.
  • Real-time Access to Market Data: The application, although Electron based, helps to access to quicker and real-time market data. Traders can then read the market trends accordingly, make decisions with more accuracy, and can work effectively as the market changes in real-time.

How to install?

Now, it’s time to take a deep dive into the step-by-step procedure for installing Kite by Zerodha on a Linux System:

Step 1: Open Terminal:

Launch a terminal on your Linux system. You can do this by searching for Terminalin your systems’ application menu or use the shortcut key combination for launching the terminal Ctrl + Alt + T.

Step 2: Install Snap:

Snapd is a background service that manages and maintains snaps on a Linux system. Snaps are app packages for desktop, cloud, and IoT that are easy to install, secure, cross-platform, and dependency-free.

Use the following command to install snap package manager on Debian based systems:

sudo apt install snapd
Snap Installation
Snap Installation

Step 3: Install Kite-Zerodha:

After successful installation of snapd, we are ready to move to the next step, which is to install Kite-Zerodha on your Linux system.

To install Kite-Zerodha run the following command in terminal:

sudo snap install kite-zerodha
Installing Through Snap
Installing Through Snap

Step 4: Run Kite-Zerodha:

After successful installation of Kite-Zerodha, it is now ready to be run on your Linux system. Now run the following command to start Kite by Zerodha on your terminal:

Launching Kite-Zerodha For The First Time
Launching Kite-Zerodha For The First Time

Once it runs successfully, enter your Kite credentials and log into your account.


In conclusion, installing Kite on the Linux system enhances the trading experience by providing a dedicated native application. Once installed, traders can enjoy the increased performance, stability, and resource management as well as it ensures the access to real-time market data. Kite by Zerodha on a Linux system not only gives you a dedicated application, but also offers a solution for the Linux users and traders who need a more streamlined trading experience.

I hope this guide serves you well to start your trading journey on Kite over a Linux system, giving you the ability to make better choices in the ever-changing market. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated trading application, and may your investment portfolio be filled with green, and your trading experience be marked with efficiency and success.