How To Install MetaTrader 5 On Linux

Credit – Admiral Markets

Thanks to forex brokers and trading platforms such as MetaTrader 5, users can trade currencies on the forex market. MetaTrader 5 provides the necessary resources for a smooth and successful trading process for novice to expert traders. That explains the importance of the operating system it runs on. Linux stands as one of these OS.

Only a few traders who are computer savvy utilize the Linux operating system. Because of this quality, trading platforms that run on Linux are rarely victims of malicious viruses or hackers. While this doesn’t make traders immune to the plethora of cyber threats stalking the internet, it’s a better alternative than other operating systems.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to install MetaTrader 5 on Linux, its benefits, and its applications. Because of the array of operating systems available today, opting for a unique alternative to safeguard your trading assets is vital. One way to achieve this is by installing MetaTrader 5 on Linux.

What Is Metatrader 5?

MetaTrader 5 is a professional multi-asset platform that supports copy trading and computerized trading systems, otherwise known as trading robots, and provides exceptional trading opportunities and trend detection capabilities. MetaTrader 5 is the go-to single trading platform for forex, stocks, and futures.

Trading from smartphones and tablets is made possible with MetaTrader 5, giving you the freedom to move about and continue your operations. With the Web Platform, you have even more options and can operate from any web browser on any device. You can trade anytime it’s most convenient for you by choosing from various accessible options.

Why Should You Install MetaTrader 5 On Linux?

Linux, a Unix-like computer operating system, was built using the free and open-source software creation and distribution model. Mobile devices and server gear frequently use Linux operating systems.

Linux is typically used by traders who individually design algorithms for trading robots. When Metatrader 5 on Linux emerged as an option, it arrived as an unexpected delight for these users. Because this operating system is more reliable than Windows, Linux offers significant benefits for those who trade on the stock market, where delays can lead to losses.

One of Linux’s distinguishing features is the lack of an integrated distribution kit. There is no one template for the installation file. As a result, there are various iterations of this operating system as a result. Many development teams, such as Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Gentoo, are involved in various Linux distributions. Among all of these, Ubuntu is the most well-known. Installing Wine software, which enables you to execute Windows-only programs, is necessary to integrate Metatrader 5 into Ubuntu.

The widespread distribution kit Ubuntu can be installed using the technique listed below. Installing Wine and opening MT5 with Wine are both included in this process.

Steps to install MetaTrader 5 on Linux

Step 1: Installation of Wine on Ubuntu Software

Wine is used by MetaTrader 5 to function on Linux. Wine is a free compatibility layer that enables Microsoft Windows applications to operate on Unix-like operating systems. On Ubuntu, all programs are installed from packages found in repositories. The necessary Wine installation repository is already present on the machine in the most recent versions of Ubuntu.

To install Wine software, you need the following:

  • Choose “Application Sources” from the “Edit” menu after logging into the Ubuntu Application Center.
  • Next, you need to click “Add” on the window that appears.
  • Write “ppa: ubuntu-wine / ppa” in the APT line of the newly opened window and click “Add source” to add the source.
  • The next step is to open the browser and log in to the winehq site.
  • Select the Ubuntu-compatible distribution from the Downloads section.
  • Click “Install” after deciding on the most recent Wine version.
  • Continue to the following step after the Wine installation is complete.

 Step 2: Installation of MetaTrader 5 on Ubuntu

You can achieve this step in two ways:

1. Download the installation file, then launch it.

  • Download the installation file from the computer by linking to Metatrader 5. You can also easily search for “download metatrader 5 for pc.”
  • The system will prompt you to use Wine to open the file. Click on OK after choosing this option. The installer for MetaTrader 5 will start running.
  • Finish the installation process.
  • Open the terminal.exe file to start MetaTrader 5 after the installation is finished.

2. Copy the whole client terminal folder that is set up on Windows.

  • Copy the MS Windows folder where the client terminal is installed to use MT5 on Linux.
  • Run the MetaTrader 5 terminal.exe file once the copying is finished. The file will be opened automatically with Wine.


On Ubuntu Linux, installing MetaTrader 5 only requires a few easy steps. Despite the installation process being a little more challenging than Windows, it is still doable for any trader, even one who could be more tech-savvy. The procedure is essentially the same for different Linux distributions. However, Ubuntu is the one that traders use the most.