Filmographer Installation on Linux Distributions


Filmographer is a movie streaming software application where you can watch movies or a wide range of web series inside one application. It comes across all platforms such as Windows, Microsoft, and Linux-based OS. It comes with two variants for the users. You can use both the Free and Paid versions available from the source qiplex website.

Fimographer is an entertainment app that was developed and published by Qiplex. It was introduced on the internet on 10 Nov 2021 when all other movie streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon Web Services, and many other Streaming Application platforms were in competition. It was approximately 175MB in size and later on, the size was reduced to nearly 100MB.

However, this article is based on the installation process of Filmographer on Linux-based Distributions. Let us see some features of the Filmographer Application

What features come with the Filmographer Application?

  • Blazingly Fast: the Search Engine works with the latest trends and so efficient that more than 1000 movie analyses take place in less than one minute to give you the best rating movies.
  • Intuitively Simple: It is as simple as 1 2 3. The application is built so organized and well-placed that people of all ages and all types of users can utilize this application and get handy within a minute.
  • Snappy: With one click you can start the movie as compared to other applications. It describes briefly the movie in the below section of the application, and it does not irritate you while streaming the movie simultaneously.
  • Organize Movies: You can also organize your movies with respect to your favorite genre and control your movie collection.
  • Movies Info: You can get all the Information about the actors, directors, producers, taglines, plots, ratings, and more under the movie section.
  • Smart Search: You can search and import new movies in one click. It also suggests movies based on your movie collection and the choices.
  • Powerful Filters: Filter your movies easily by genres, ratings, titles, or years.
  • Multi-Language: Get Movie info in your native language, as it comes with a wide range of languages that are available globally.
  • Truly Versatile: It is not a specific OS-based application. The Filmographer supports major desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux!
  • Get & Go: It doesn’t require high-tech installation. It is good to go as soon as downloaded but on Linux, few steps to be done which we will see below in this article.

So, these were some features of the Filmographer Application, so let us start with the Installation guide.

How to Install Filmographer on Linux-based distributions?

Before installing any applications, we must update and upgrade our repositories. Type the following command:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
Updating And Upgrading The Repo 1
Updating And Upgrading The Repo

After the update and upgrade process are completed, we can now download the application from the below command:

Installing Filmographer
Downloading Filmographer

After the downloading process is completed, list and find the “linux” folder inside your directory and unzip it with the following command:

unzip linux
Listing And Uniziping Of Linux Folder
Listing And Unzipping Of Linux Folder

Now, we will give this AppImage permissions and location to the desktop. You can also run the application by clicking on the desktop icon, but for the context of this article, we will see how to run this application from the command line interface. Type the following commands:

mv ./Filmographer-1.1.0AppImage ./Desktop/
cd Desktop/
sudo chmod 777 ./Filmographer-1.1.0.AppImage
Moving The File And Allocating Permission To Filmograpger
Moving The File And Allocating Permission To Filmographer

This makes the Installation successful, now we will see how to run this application. Well, it is simple. Just type the following command:

./Filmogra#[Press Tab button as it would autoselect the upcoming keywords]
Appearance From Terminal Filmographer
Launching the application from Terminal

Now, a new Window will appear, and you begin watching movies from here (given you have subscription).

Appearance Of Actual Application 1
The new window will open

The Upper screenshot shows you the appearance of the movie I searched for. Here is how you can search for your movie from the search bar and enjoy your time.

Alternatively, you can also download this application using the snap package installer. However, updating and upgrading your repo is a must, after simply installing the snap package installer and a one-line command can install this application. The following three commands show you how to install Filmographer using the snap package Installer:

sudo apt-get install snapd
sudo snap install core
sudo snap install filmographer


The Filmographer is no doubt one of the best movie streaming application available across all platforms. Whether it is Linux, macOS or Windows OS, it works smoothly across all Operating Systems. It is simple to use, and the movie starts with one click, so don’t delay and enjoy watching movies over it.


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