Why is Linux Better for Programming?

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What is the Best Operating System for Making My Projects?

There are many computers with different characteristics and price categories on the shelves of shops, so it’s not easy to choose one. But most importantly, when choosing a device, it is necessary to pay attention to the operating system, as it has already been installed. In another case, you will also be proposed to have it installed by the shop consultant.

In any case, the operating system needs to be chosen according to your needs. And if you are confused about the diversity of proposals, you should pay attention to Linux. The Linux operating system is a universal solution. 

It’s possible to adjust it for your consumption, configuring it, that’s why it’s suitable for everyone and especially for programmers. In Linux, there are no artificial limits on the number of processors, cores, RAM, and so on. Besides, you can control the code of the programs you use, also it’s convenient to use the operating system.

In addition, Linux has got the core of the operating system connecting a computer with ads, and it’s free for any aim. It means you don’t need to pay anything for the license, you can simply download it on the Internet and enjoy your user experience. Of course, there are commercial distributions, such as RHEL, but they require payment only if you renew the operating system or need to follow the services of technical support, but all other distributions are available to you.

The operating system is as simple as possible for users, it is only necessary to remove and install programs and update the system through the package manager. Also, Linux can do a lot of assignments simultaneously, because every process operates independently and it doesn’t influence the speed of work. Most importantly, Linux works well even on not powerful computers, you need only download the necessary facilitated distribution.

The file system is well-developed in this operating system: there is a large number of file systems, both in old and in more modern systems.

One of the numerous benefits of Linux is a multi-user system. This means that there is a possibility to work for a great number of users at the same time. An owner of one Linux distribution can install it to the whole organization.

The system of sharing has also been expanded. As soon as one user launches some identical tasks on a computer at the same time or one task is launched by several users, then only one copy of the code of the same supplement will be stored in memory. It is an amazing function for teamwork and mutual IT projects.

The big advantage is that Linux is protected from viruses. The developers have improved the OS for a long time so that it is impossible to carry out hacker attacks. The construction of the operating system with frequent updates eliminates the work of malicious programs.

Moreover, in Linux, package managers allow you to connect third-party repositories along with the main ones, which expands the amount of software available in the system. Using Linux, many tasks will have to be performed through the console. You will often need to access it (install, update, or uninstall programs).

The advantage for programmers is that they can freely and free of charge use the program code of both Linux itself and the programs included in it and create their products based on them. The maximum you have to pay for is the packaging and the CD on which the Linux distribution is recorded.

Assuming that the distribution you choose has a good security reputation, you can use it safely, knowing that all the necessary security fixes have been applied to it.

Linux also has low system requirements – it makes the work on the computer much easier.

80% of the hosting companies of the United States use Linux on their servers – this factor is a guarantee of reliability of this operating system.

You do not have to look for the right program for a long time. If you don’t like the structuring program for existing partitions, create your partitions.

As for copyright, there is no need to worry – Linux runs on Open-Source technology, uses the source code of the system, as well as various modules and OS PZ, which are publicly available, developed, tested, improved with tens of thousands of volunteer software programmers throughout the world. Each of them is ready to share the results of their intellectual work for free and help beginners to change the new OS with the help of convenient support.

If you decide to switch to Linux, you will win anyway. There are strong reasons to use Linux for programming. The fact is that this OS has such flexible graphical user interface settings that you will be able to customize it to your liking.