Learning Java From Scratch: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Learn Java Programming Guide

Java is one of those programming languages that are extremely popular wherever you go in the world. They are good to go if you want to develop websites, computer programs, mobile applications, and so on.

Moreover, learning Java makes it possible for you to grow towards achieving the status of a game or an application developer, both highly sought-out professions. To make this daunting task easier and more time-bound, CodeGym has brought the stepwise article – ” How long does it take to learn Java?“ just for you.

Why Can Learning Java Be a Life-Changing Decision?

1. Java Will Boost Your Career

According to statistics, around 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies make use of Java coding. This implies that there is a wide scope of professional development.

2. Java Solves Real-World Problems

Java is so popular that it is used in almost all countries all over the world. That is mainly because the compilation is quite easy and the code can be written only once, yet will work anywhere. Even NASA uses it!

3. Java Skills Are Scalable

Java is derived from C and C++ therefore once you learn Java you’re also kind of getting introduced to the other programming languages linked to it which you can pursue in the future if you wish to become a coding maestro.

Which Problems Can You Face While Learning From Scratch?

1. Lack of Planning

Most people just decide to learn Java one fine day and buy a random online course or the first book they find. That will not work out. To learn the language properly, you need a planned approach. This makes the studying process easy and smooth.

2. No Balance Between Theory and Practice

You have to divide up your time based on the fact that you have to spend more time on practice than on theory. But be careful they don’t exclude each other and one without the other just does not work. Take turns. If you feel bogged down by theory, go for practice and see how that pans out.

3. Debugging Process

What is a code without a few bugs? Keep patient and you might just get rid of them as easily as 1… 2… and 3.

4. Studying Ignoring the Community

There is a huge community of Java coders who are eager to help each other. Interaction is a key to learning any programming language.

Where to Start Learning Java? Is It Easier if You Break It Down Into Steps?

1. Sharpen Your Motivation, Ignore the Critics

Set your eyes on your goals from the beginning. Do you want to be an application developer and make this your full-time career? Or maybe you want to create enterprise-level applications? Answer these questions beforehand and get on the path to learning Java, ignoring the critics who will ask you to back down telling you how difficult acquiring this programming language is.

2. Create an Education Plan

Be disciplined. Otherwise, it is going to cost you the dream career as a coder. The idea is to stick to the education plan you choose. Here’s an optimal example:

  • Weekdays: 2 hours/day
  • Weekends: 4 hours/day

This time-bound plan will help you become a Junior Java Developer in no time. Of course, everything depends on your ability to learn and being resilient even when it messes with your head. Also, be ENTHUSIASTIC!

Make a list of the topics that you need to study and they go as follows:

  1. Java Syntax (the basics you need)
  2. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  3. Core Java (how you create a Java code)
  4. Java Collections (the structure for handling stacks of objects)
  5. Libraries and frameworks (the stacks of code written earlier)
  6. APIs (protocols and tools needed to develop applications)
  7. Git (one of the popular control systems)

3. Install Java Development Kit

The Java Development Kit creates a development space in which you can store and stack together all the Java applications. It has most of the simple stuff you require to code in Java. The package also has Java Runtime Environment (JRE) along with Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JRE gives you the libraries, components that you need to finally finish the code for your applications.

Choose the Correct Source to Learn Java

1. CodeGym

It is a gamified platform for Java learners that has a stepwise interactive course so that you do not get intimidated by the codes and protocols right from the start.

2. Udemy

There are hundreds of different Java courses on this platform. Just pick the right one. The registration process is easy and there are free trials for you to get acquainted before investing more in the training.

3. Codechef

It is another interactive platform with tons of challenges. Once you cover Java theory, you can check your knowledge on this website. The really good thing about Codechef is that you can compete with other developers while mastering Java.

4. Educative.io

The course itself is quite easy and created especially for beginners. It has a stepwise guide to learn Java from scratch and the illustrations help newbies to grasp the Java knowledge in no time.


Java is a programming language from learning which you can benefit a lot. It is tricky to become the best in no time, however, you will succeed one day following these easy steps while learning Java.