Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu: Is Pop!_OS better than Ubuntu?

Is Pop OS Better Than Ubuntu

In this article, we’ll compare Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu. PoP!_OS is an Ubuntu-based operating system. Many consider PoP!_OS and Ubuntu similar, they do have some similarities but they are different in many factors. In this article, We will be discussing Pop!_OS and Ubuntu and the differences between them.

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PoP!_OS vs Ubuntu

Pop!_OS was released in 2017 and developed by System76 (an American Linux computer manufacturer). It is a free and open-source Ubuntu-based operating system. It has many things in common with Ubuntu but you can say, It is a more modern and modified version of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a Debian-based operating system released in 2004 by Canonical Ltd. It became much popular over time and is considered one of the best Linux distro out there.

PoP!_OS is considered as a ‘Clone Ubuntu’ but that’s not true, Ubuntu and PoP!_OS are different. Let’s discuss the key differences between Ubuntu and PoP!_OS:

1. Installation – Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

PoP!_OS comes with a lightweight installer with very less elements. To make the installation a little faster, it only offers options to choose a timezone, language, keyboard, and drive partition.

All other first-time options are available after the first boot that also includes creating a user. It also offers drive encryption that encrypts the installation partition for security.

Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

Ubuntu also has a very easy installation where all the options are available during the installation only. User creation and other options are to be chosen before first-time boot. Both Ubuntu and PoP!_OS installation is too easy, even for beginners but PoP!_OS is made to look more snappy and that can be seen.

Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

2. Desktop Environment – Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

PoP!_OS uses GNOME desktop environment by default. It is a lot more polished than Ubuntu and gives a pure GNOME feel. It uses a modified version of GNOME that includes features windows stacking, advanced workspaces, auto tiling and also offers a lot of customization.


Ubuntu also comes with GNOME pre-installed by default. GNOME gives a very good feel and look but it does not offer much customization in Ubuntu as compared to Ubuntu. So, PoP!_OS feels more modern and lively as compared to Ubuntu.


3. Bloatware – Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

PoP!_OS comes with fewer apps pre-installed so it does not give bloatware. It also has its own official PPA where you can find almost all applications that are easy to install using the APT command. PoP!_OS also offers Flatpak packages in the PoP!_OS Shop.


Unlike PoP!_OS, Ubuntu ships with a lot of unnecessary applications pre-installed which affect the overall performance and experience. Though, it also gives an option for minimal installation during its installation which comes bundled with the most essential packages. Comparing both the distros, PoP!_OS seems to give a better experience than Ubuntu.


4. Hardware Support/System Requirements – Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

PoP!_OS uses Minimal OS and Hardware data and does not collect store any information from the user. It is mainly optimized for modern hardware. The minimum system requirements are 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended), 20GB of storage, and only running on a 64-bit processor.

Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

Ubuntu requires modest system requirements but it collects information from users (you can turn it off in settings). It requires a minimum of 2GB RAM, 25GB storage, and a 2GHz dual-core processor.

Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu

PoP!_OS is based in Ubuntu, so it is quite clear they do have many similarities too like they both use the same APT package manager for installing software, both come with GNOME desktop environment pre-installed, new versions are released around the same time.


So, we have discussed the key differences between Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu. Deciding which is the best OS depends on your needs and requirements.

However, PoP!_OS is a much better option if you are looking for a modern and customizable operating system. It uses Flatpack Package manager and Ubuntu uses Snap apps which uses more space.

PoP!_OS comes with a modified version of GNOME and it also has separate ISO files for NVIDIA and AMD/INTEL. So, PoP!_OS is the better option for both beginners and advanced users.