MacOS vs Linux: Which one is better?

MacOS Vs Linux Which Is Better

In this article, we will discuss some key differences between macOS and Linux and it will be clear to you why you should go for Linux.

MacOS vs Linux – A Complete Comparison

Linux or GNU/Linux is better than MacOS in many factors but it has some disadvantages as well. Linux is a group of open-source operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc.

It was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991. On the other hand, macOS is a Unix-based operating system designed for Mac computers. macOS was launched in 2001

In comparison, Linux is better than MacOS for high-performance computing, hosting servers, and other high-end tasks. But MacOS is great for creative projects like video editing and designing while Linux is used for System programming and is mostly used by system admins and developers.

Let’s discuss the key differences between Linux and macOS:

1. Open Source

Linux is an open-source operating system that means you can see and modify the source code yourself. We can say, you can do literally anything in Linux. Linux being open source means you can customize anything in Linux as desired. It is completely free to use.


Mac OS is proprietary i.e. you cannot modify or even see the source code. You have limited customization provided by the Apple Team. For using MacOS, you have to buy it and it only works on Apple computers.


2. Hardware Support

Linux can be installed on almost any device, even on a Mac device. This means it is compatible with all hardware. Earlier Linux had a hard time with driver installation but now it has driver support for almost everything.


While macOS only works with specific hardware i.e. only on Apple devices. We can install Mac OS on other devices but that’s troublesome and needs a lot of effort, so it’s not worth it. Though, MacOS has great driver support. Almost any hardware can work on it.


3. Security

Linux is so far the best in the case of privacy and security. It is open source so it doesn’t keep track of users’ activity. Users can use Linux without worrying about activity tracking. Linux doesn’t have any malware as the Linux community release timely updates but it all depends on the user’s configuration whether to send the system information or not.


MacOS is also secure and the apple team is constantly working on any breaches or malware. But they keep track of users’ activity to provide better service and user experience. So, if you are a techie or an IT professional, Linux is the best option for you.


4. Performance

Both Linux and macOS give better performance. Linux can work on almost any device, even with low hardware it runs better than windows. It is highly stable and gets timely updates and releases. Ubuntu, a Linux distro, also has an LTS(Long term support) version which is released every two years and provides long-term support of 5 years.


MacOS, on the other hand, is better than Linux as it only works on Apple Hardware which is specially made to run MacOS.



So, We discussed the differences between Linux and macOS. Both are very stable operating systems. Deciding which is better completely depends on the type of work. Linux has many distros for different purposes like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS, Kali Linux, etc. Overall, I’ll conclude with Linux as a better operating system than MacOS.