eXtern OS – JavaScript and NodeJS based Linux Distribution

Extern Os JavaScript And NodeJS Based Linux Distribution

We all are aware, that the beauty of Linux operating systems are so varied that there is one for every use and matching preferences of every person.

For everyone, there is surely one Linux distribution they will love.

In this article, we will discuss eXtern OS and why you should give it a try and various other things about it.

What is eXtern OS?

eXtern is a JavaScript and NodeJS based Linux distribution, powered by NW.js. eXtern provides a really attractive user interface, graphics, and really good GUI animations throughout the operating system.

ExternOS Homescreen
eXtern OS – Homescreen

Minimum Hardware Requirements for eXtern

The minimum requirements to use eXtern OS are:

  • Intel Celeron 64-bit 1.2 GHz processor or above
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 10 GB of disk space
  • Screen resolution of 1366×768 or above
  • Good Internet connection for seamless updates

What eXtern has to offer?

eXtern provides two of the really good experiences that you should give it a try, like:

  • its really rich UI
  • the development experience it provides

Some main features eXtern provides are:

  • Full support for Node.js APIs and its various other modules
  • JavaScript Souce Protection
  • Call the Node.js modules directly from the JavaScript DOM and web workers

If you are a web developer or interested in UI/UX. You would surely love eXtern as a Linux distribution.

For a developer, it provides a really good environment for building web apps and supports the latest web technologies for seamless web browsing.

Being a Node.js based distribution its support for various development features involving JavaScript and Node.js is really immense, which is why as a developer you should give it a try at least once.

eXtern provides a web browser with extremely good compatibility with websites built-in JavaScript and other web technologies. You can seamlessly enjoy web surfing in this Linux distribution for sure.

ExternOS Browser
eXtern OS – Browser

eXtern also provides a seamless file explorer to browse through its file structure, made with a really beautiful UI and UX.

The user interface and design of eXtern OS is one of the main things you would love to stick with this Linux distribution. Other than that, it also provides a smooth user experience which will make you like it more.

ExternOS File Explorer
eXtern OS – File Explorer


  • eXtern has some of its parts open-sourced and you can find its code here.


In this article, we discussed eXtern OS and why you should use it. We also discussed various minimum requirements and features eXtern provides us. eXtern is a really rich Linux distribution you should use at least once to experience its rich UI and its development experience if you are a developer.

Hope you liked it!