Top 10 Challenges in Mobile Application Development in 2022

The digital presence nowadays is a must for almost every business, regardless of its niche. While the amount of mobile traffic is increasing, businesses are looking for ways to create the fastest applications to meet the demands of the customers and compete in the market.

In the contemporary world, business struggles are continuous, and the field of mobile application development and creation is no exception. The competition among businesses is huge, and hundreds of apps already exist. Presenting new ideas, implementing them in life, and coming up with a reliable mobile product has become a real challenge.

So, the crucial thing is to increase the existing knowledge and face the challenges openly. And this is only possible if you entrust the mobile app development to a team of reliable and professional specialists like AppKong. Thanks to this, you will be able to improve the overall image of your brand or company. It is always more effective to change mistakes and challenges into business opportunities.

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The Purpose of Mobile Apps Development

The high priority goal of mobile application development is to improve the UX and facilitate their navigation by saving their time thanks to the use of an app instead of a browser version. And it is really crucial to understand how to approach your TA through this medium.

Another prime goal is that with the help of an app, a business that is at the stage of active development can be 24/7 available to its potential clients. And a well-developed application will help to achieve this goal.

Creating Mobile Apps: The Benefits

Here are the main advantages of using a mobile app for your business: 

  • An app is the most used channel of communication with a business.
  • Its impact is long-serving and efficient.
  • It is a really fast way to communicate with the audience.
  • An app can help build and improve your brand’s awareness.
  • It can attract more potential clients and spread the word with little effort.

10 Challenges in Mobile Application Development

Having listed the main advantages of developing an app for your business, it is crucial to mention that there is nothing immaculate in this world. So, it is essential to be aware of the challenges faced by businesses that have decided to develop an app.

1. Wrong directions of assessing and development 

There are plenty of reasons to think about developing an app. However, before resorting to this, it is crucial to understand if your business really needs an application. Try to think like a potential consumer. If developers do not understand the needs of the TA, this will lead to the wrong motivation for the development of an app. Evaluate your idea and answer the following questions:

  • What is the main reason for the development of an application?
  • Will this app fulfil the expected purpose?
  • Which feature and characteristic make it stand out from the competition?
  • For whom is the app developed?
  • Will it be effective for clients in solving their problems?

2. The problems of compatibility with specific devices

An app must be available for all kinds of devices so that every potential client can download it and enjoy all the available functions, regardless of the device they use. 

So every developed app must be fully compatible with both Android and iOS. This will at least double the reach and number of downloads. If any app lacks this, it might not get successful.

3. Problems with generating new ideas

Usually, there are two possible ways. You need to either come up with something fundamentally new and unique. Alternatively, it is possible to investigate the market, analyse the mistakes of key competitors and come up with a solution that will bring clients the decision that users have been looking for. And both of these possibilities are not that easy to implement. Even the stage of developing an idea is challenging.

4. Not enough financing

If the process of development has not been carefully planned, organised, and studied, finances become one of the most challenging aspects. It is the reason we have initially recommended entrusting the process of app development to a professional team. Such specialists will not only define the scope of necessary works but also calculate all the necessary expenses.

5. Selecting outdated technology

There are thousands, if not dozens of thousands, of mobile apps that operate at higher frequency levels. It is necessary to match in terms of efficiency with those apps that have achieved the best results. It is crucial to develop an app that is unique, able to function everywhere, and provides a high level of performance.

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6. Hiring an inappropriate team of developers

It does not matter if you have decided to hire an in-house specialist or outsource the team of developers. Making the right choice is your sure way to success. Otherwise, the consequences of such a mistake will be dire.

7. Lack of resources and platforms

Here, it is crucial to remember about various resources that are needed in the process — from financial to human resources. More so, it is essential to utilise the most cutting-edge technologies so that to make sure that the application you will launch will meet the ever-changing requirements of consumers. It is not something that you need to save on in any case.

8. Insecure data storage and authentication

If data storage and authentication are not implemented and arranged correctly, it will make the development of applications even more challenging since a developer will fear the malware issue and losing the data.

Therefore, for the sake of data protection, it is essential to be well aware of the software and hardware fragmentation and the active hacker’s activities. The guidelines and recommendations from specialists are crucial to follow.

9. Going for the unsuccessful pattern of architecture 

There are more than four to five different plans of architecture. It is crucial to study all of them in detail. Below are the names of patterns:

  • Event-driven;
  • Layered (n-tier);
  • Microkernel;
  • Space-based;
  • Microservices.

It is contingent on what kind of application is in the process of development. This will greatly influence the decision and the function of any app.

10. Incomplete ways of advertising

It is a problem that might nullify all the previous efforts. First, an app should be well advertised to let clients know that it exists. More so, it is crucial to collect feedback from users to understand if anything needs to be changed and adapted to the expectations of the TA.

Hopefully, you will find a professional developer who is ready to face all the challenges and provide you with a great solution for the needs of your business.