World’s First NativeDSP Linux Port

Softier has produced the first implementation of Linux that’s usable on a single-core digital signal processor (DSP). The company mentioned that its technology performs real-time encoding/decoding of DVD quality video at 30 frames per second while simultaneously being able to run Linux software on the side.

The C54x DSP is the name of the DSP that has been created for Linux.

What are the features of the C54x DSP?

This is the processor designed with high performance and low power in mind. It has two address generators with eight auxiliary registers and ARAU.

Data bus holder feature. 40-bit arithmetic logic unit (ALU) including a 40-bit barrel shifter and two independent 40-bit accumulators

Instructions with a 32-bit longword operand.

The C54x DSPs use an advanced and modified version of the Harvard architecture that is designed to maximize the processing power while maintaining one program memory and three data buses.

These processors also come with an ALU that has parallelism and have application-specific hardware login, memory on-chip, and some additional peripherals that are integrated on-chip.