Netflix Player runs on Linux

You no longer need to create workarounds to watch Netflix on Linux. Netflix can run easily on Linux with the following steps.

Install Chrome 37 or higher

This wouldn’t really make much of a sense to specify since Chrome auto-updates to the latest one. But for those who’re still on an older version and would like to watch NetFlix on their Linux machines, it’s time to upgrade your Chrome browser to the latest one or at least above version 37.

We’re talking about Chrome and not Chromium browser though. Chromium doesn’t support Netflix by default and would require you to install the widewine plugin first.

Install Firefox

Netflix also runs on Firefox in Linux with just one simple change: Enable DRM support. But default this is disabled for Firefox and can easily enable it by following the tutorial they’ve posted on their website: Enable DRM in Firefox (Official link)

With Wine

If you really want to work with the Netflix app, then Wine should easily solve the problem for you. You can simply run the Netflix executable file on Linux with the use of the Wine application.

For people who’ve been using Linux for a while now, should have no difficulty doing this. If you do not have wine installed previously, you can do so with the use of your default Linux package manager.


Enjoy your Netflix subscription while still staying within your favorite Linux system.