Embedded Linux Distro Supports TI DSP-based Digital Media Processors

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) the support for embedded RTOS in DSP for many years with the DSP/BIOS kernel. TI has open-sourced its hardware featuring for the community.

Why did TI opensource their technology?

Open-sourcing a technology enables companies to innovate faster, improve collaboration and get constant access and updates while also reducing the amount of support required for that product.

The community that forms around open-source technology, becomes the support for it. It also improves the speed at which the quality is improved and bugs are fixed because the community is actively engaged in the development of the product.

Why did TI use Linux?

Since Linux also has open-sourced its kernel, this operating system fits TI’s purpose of creating a vendor-independent technology. This also allows for customization and optimization of the Linux kernel and driver code to fit the embedded systems correctly.


TI is actively participating in open source communities by pushing content, actively monitoring the email lists, joining multiple organizations and creating partnerships to increase its reach and cost-effectiveness.

The company is now working to make things easier to create Linux based applications on this device for the open-source community.