Lineo Warp for ATOM and MPC Data swift

Lineo Solutions proclaimed Warp for Atom, a brand new version of its UNIX operating system fast-boot technology claimed to boot in 4 seconds on associate Intel Atom Z530-based single board laptop (SBC). Meanwhile, MPC released a YouTube video of a Renesas SH7724-optimized version of its SwiftBoot UNIX operating system quick boot technology, claimed also to boot up in a second.

Booting up associate Intel design processor like the Intel Atom takes longer, therefore the company’s new four.06 second claim seems to be fairly important. Lineo claims that standard boot-time on the check system is fifty four.72 seconds.

The check system could be a Portwell NANO-8044-1600 nano-ITX form-factor SBC (pictured below, at right), says Lineo. It runs lid UNIX operating system twelve on a one.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 (with associate Intel US15W controller hub), says the corporate. The check was aforesaid to be run with 1GB of DDR2 533MHz memory, similarly as a 32GB PATA drive.
Warp for Atom will boot from numerous storage media, offers hibernation startup, and supports “multiple snapshots” handling, says Lineo. Customization to specific merchandise will scale back the four.06 second boot time even additional, says the corporate.

Warp two contains a UNIX operating system kernel and bootloader, to boot giving a “hibernation driver,”

The motive force takes a photograph of RAM once hibernation is launched, saving the contents into non-volatile storage, optionally press the info. On startup, the contents quickly come back to RAM, in order that the system resumes its previous running state.

Lineo Solutions was associate early leader in industrial embedded UNIX operating system distributions and offers a Lineo uLinux Elite cross-development atmosphere. Recent UNIX operating system-based merchandise from Lineo Solutions embrace associate LL-rescue failure analysis service for embedded Linux developers, discharged last year.

In could of this year, Lineo proclaimed Linux-based server and shopper code sanctioning remote updates of embedded devices over the net. The SmartU2 for UNIX operating system System consists of core management server code known as “SmartU2 Manager,” similarly as a 100KB “SmartU2 Agent” shopper that runs on embedded UNIX operating system devices.

MPC knowledge shows off one-second SwiftBoot demo

Japanese semiconductor firm Renesas physics has joined with embedded development firm MPC knowledge to demonstrate one-second UNIX operating system boot-up on a Renesas Super H SH7724 processor.

MPC Data’s SwiftBoot technology is in a position to cold boot to a purposeful application in but a second on a broad vary of SoCs, development boards, and core architectures, claims the corporate. SwiftBoot supports UNIX operating system and uClinux on ARM, SuperH, MIPS, and Blackfin processor platforms, says MPC knowledge.

As shown within the MPC knowledge diagrams higher than and below, SwiftBoot uses a spread of techniques to scale back boot-time, together with modifications to UBoot like removing image verification and optimizing memory code. additionally, in modifying the UNIX operating system kernel, it removes driver delays and alternative supernumerary probes. In userspace, it gets major time savings by optimizing the Squashfs file-system, similarly as optimizing non-volatile storage access and trimming down uncalled-for Qt parts.