Globalscale Technologies D2Plug and Marvell PXA510

The D2plug can be used by software designers System Integrators (SI); for assessment, application development, Rapid Prototyping, and interoperability testing for a “cloud” based service deployment. The solution that is complete an attractive, revolutionary and “fan-less” enclosure is likewise available for bundling solutions for item release with custom branding.

An SD card slot and two USB 2.0 host ports for storage, the D2Plug ships with a USB combination connector. The device has 1GB of DDR3 memory and 8GB of solid-state memory in the shape of an eMMC that is integrated device. For networking, an RJ-45 connector provides 10/100/1000 MBPS Ethernet. An integral module that is wireless on Marvell’s 88W8787 IC provides 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and BT3.0 connectivity.


  • Marvell PXA510 Application Processor with ARMv7 ISA core that works with at 800MHz
  • Integrated 2D/3D photos acceleration
  • Boot device: 4MB SPI NOR Flash for U-Boot
  • Flash memory: 8GB on Board eMMC for root and kernel file system
  • SDRAM: 1GB DDR3 at 800MHz data rate
  • 8787 Wi-Fi

A gigabit Ethernet port is available along with a USB device slot, says Globalscale. A USB combo connector provides dual USB 2.0 host ports along side the aforementioned port that is eSATAp. Audio I/O and a JTAG connector are also said to be available.
No power details are mentioned, but the look that is fanless considered just like the DreamPlug. The D2Plug is larger, nevertheless, at 6.7 x 3.22 x 1.3 inches.

The d2Plug features an identical detachable power supply unit as demonstrated in the image below, taken from the video clip. The side-mounted AC-DC adaptor spreads heat via conductive methods, and certainly will achieve “much better performance that is thermal enable faster computing and high-speed I/O interfaces,” according to the company.