Freescale iMX535

The i.MX53 processors represent a future generation of advanced multimedia systems and energy efficient implementation of the ARM A8 core. With core process accelerates to one gigahertz, the i.MX535 is optimized for each performance and power to fulfill the strain of high-end, advanced applications requiring quality and extended battery life. 1080p HD video decrypts and 720p video inscribe, 2 dedicated graphics cores, multiple show and property choices, and high level of the integration build the i.MX535 an alternative platform for good mobile devices.

Arizona-based Boundary Devices announces the supply of a brand new single-board laptop known as the “Nitrogen53”, that relies on Freescale Semiconductor’s i.MX535 processor. The Nitrogen53 is that the third i.MX-based single board laptop in Boundary Devices’ lineup, which has the company’s i.MX51-based chemical element and that i.MX31 Mercury solutions.

With a processor speed of 1GHz and up to 2GB of DDR2 memory at 400Mhz, the i.MX535 may be a powerful multimedia system platform capable of 1080P video playback. The ARM Cortex-A8 i.MX535 contains a twoD/3D graphics accelerator supporting either OpenGL® Es 2.0 or OpenVG1.1 for wealthy user interfaces.

The Nitrogen53 board offers multiple show interfaces together with HDMI, LVDS, and TTL. it’s been optimized for low power applications, and uses the Dialog DA9053 power management IC for classy powered or Power-over-Ethernet styles.

“The i.MX53 delivers a high level of performance, flexibility and multimedia system capabilities that makes it an ideal suited the chemical element family of solutions,” aforesaid Ken Obuszewski, director of i.MX product management, Freescale. we tend to are proud to be operating with innovators like Boundary Devices WHO still meet their customer’s evolving needs within the embedded and shopper area.”

Although the board size may be a compact 4in x 3in, a large kind of property choices are created accessible together with a five megapixel camera interface, speaker, microphone, RS232 serial ports, I2C, resistive bit controller, beside four USB ports. 10/100 local area network with Power over local area network choice is on the market to ease installation. SATA support and 2 microSD card slots are accessible to accommodate the accrued storage wants of high-end multimedia system applications.