ImageGoNord – Convert Your Wallpapers, According to the Nord Palette

Convert Images To Nordic Colour Palette In The Command Line

If you’re looking for a way to make your images more stylish, why not try converting them to the Nordic theme palette? This can be easily done with a handy Python script that you can find on GitHub.

There are four main Nordic palettes – Polar Night, Snow Storm, Frost, and Aurora – each with their own specific use cases. However, regardless of which palette you choose, you’re sure to end up with a more eye-catching image that will better match your desktop theme.

Let’s take a look at how to use this script to achieve this effect.


First, make sure that you have git and python-pip commands installed in your distribution, type the following command to check the version:

git --version

If the Terminal returns any version number then, git is already installed on your OS, otherwise, type the following command depending upon your distribution:

For Debian and Ubuntu-based distributions:

sudo apt install git

For Arch, and Manjaro based distributions:

sudo pacman -S git

And for Fedora and RHEL based distributions:

sudo dnf install git

And similarly, install the python-pip command as well.

Download the ImageGoNord tool

Now that we have installed git and pip installed, we just have to download the tools in order to get started. Type the following commands in the Terminal:

git clone

Now, open the newly created folder using:

cd ImageGoNord

Now, we need to install all the dependencies for this tool to work. Don’t worry, they’re all stored in the requirements.txt file. Just type the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt
Installing ImageGoNord
Installing ImageGoNord

Congratulations! Now we’re all set to use this tool.

Convert your wallpapers

Simply type the following command (Note: replace the ~/location with the correct name and location of the image you want to convert)

python src/ --img='~/location'

And there goes the result, now your picture has been converted to contain a cool-themed Nord color palette.

Doctor Strange Poster in Nord scheme
Doctor Strange Poster in Nord scheme

Right-click and apply the picture as your wallpaper if the result was good enough.


ImageGoNordic also has a website where you can easily convert your images to a Nord color scheme, but the website will be probably shut down soon because of insufficient donations the developers receive. Therefore, I have only mentioned the command line way to convert the images.