Robotis DarwinOP

Recently, several sorts of humanoids are developed like ASIMO[1], HRP[2], LOLA[3], and HUBO[4]. supported these humanoids, varied difficult AI researches on motion designing, walking, manipulating, communication, Vision process, and artificial intelligence are administrated and noteworthy results even have been shown. From the purpose of read, it’s no exaggeration to mention that a golem is that the most adequate platform for AI analysis.

Although marvelous humanoids exist already, several researchers are still creating efforts and outlay their time to make new platforms. Of course, for a few researchers, it are often a necessary work to make a golem in itself as a result of their style theme is one among the foremost important analysis areas. But, for the others, it are often a burden to form a brand new golem and what is more it can also be a significant deterrence for analysis. withal, analysisers associate degreey|don’t have any} alternative however to make an applicable platform for his or her own research field.

To solve this reiterative drawback, a golem should be made considering eXpandable-modifiable system structure, high performance, easy maintenance, acquainted development atmosphere, and afibrdable costs. Therefore, during this paper, we advise the look methodology for the golem platform DARwin-OP (Dynamic human golem with Intelligence – Open Platform) as shown in Fig. l that contains a network based mostly standard structure and a typical computer design to fulfill higher than necessities.

SYSTEM summary

Fig. a pair of shows a network-based mostly standard structure and typical computer design of DARwIn-OP. All devices like actuators, sensors, LEDs, buttons, and external I/Os are connected to the sub-controller by a serial bus network that totally supports DYNAMIXEL[5] protocol. every device contains a memory-mapped operation