How To Implement Gambling Blocker Chrome Extension

How To Implement Gambling Blocker Extension

Chrome extensions, if you are unfamiliar with them, are essentially just “plugins” that allow Chrome to do various things that it could not do by itself, such as spell checkers, opening ebooks, text-to-speech, saving to PDF, and in this particular case, block gambling websites. If you think extensions are some weird, illegal, some sort of hacker material, then you need to stop thinking so. There is actually an official Chrome Web Store run by Google, which supports Chrome extensions. Extensions can help you to avoid fraud casinos and be sure that you use online casinos that do not use GamStop self-exclusion you can trust, or just block them all. We have scanned all extensions for viruses and malicious programs. We will take down any extensions that do not conform to their guidelines.

But How Do We Supervise Chrome Extensions

  • You need to first click upon the ⁝ button. This button would be visible at the top-right corner.
  • As the box opens, click upon ‘More Tools’. 
  • More Tools would lead you to ‘Extensions’, clicking upon which you would seamlessly be able to enable and disable your chrome extensions. 
  • You may even uninstall the extension from here if you want. 

How Do We Add Gambling Blocker Extension to Chrome?

  • You simply have to visit the chrome web store and search for the extension of your choice. 
  • Once it is there simply click upon ‘Add to Chrome.’ 
  • It will download itself and get to work. 

You can add Simple Blocker

You can easily block distracting or annoying websites, so you can be more productive.

Chrome extension Simple Blocker allows you to block websites simply and easily. You can block entire websites, such as or specific subdomains, for example,

Simple Blocker was initially developed with students in mind; however, it is useful for anyone who has a lot on their plate and is prone to get distracted. Does checking Facebook consume too much of your time? Reading Reddit when you should be working on a paper? Do you spend all your money on gambling when you should be saving? Simple Blocker can begin blocking those websites within minutes so you can get on with your day.

The features it has, 

  • Using the in-built Sleep Timer, you can block for a set period of time.
  • Make a random or pre-set password that locks you out of the options menu.
  • Easy-to-use interface with clean and simple options.
  • A website, subdomain, or page can be blocked in an unlimited number of ways.

Or you may consider, Gambling Blocker

The extension blocks gambling sites in the UK. The extension blocks gambling websites in a simple and straightforward manner and helps you to stay focused. The Gambling Blocker or systems such as GamStop will stop you from entering any gambling website, whether it is poker, blackjack, Vegas casino, or slot machines. Installation of the extension is as simple as installing it and continuing to use your browser normally. This extension, which works as a system-wide application, will completely prevent gambling sites from opening on Chromebooks that have the extension installed. You will not be able to view or interact with any gambling websites containing Gambling Blocker if you open a gambling website. 

Then there is CasinosAnalyzer Blocker

Last updated on 28th of September, 2020, and having the size of 1.41MB, CasinoAnalyzer is best defined by the features it enables – 

It requires you to have a secret password. Each time you add a website or remove it, you will need the password.

When you install the Online Casino Website Blocker aka the CasinoAnalyzer Blocker extension, a ready blacklist of porn sites would already be included. You would be able to edit that list at any desired time.

Visit this page and click on the extension icon to add a domain, a website, or a webpage to the blacklist. Select “Block this domain” from the dropdown menu.

You will never have to provide any third party with your personal password to add or remove websites.

How about, BlockSite

 It is one of the most widely used Chrome extensions to block websites – there are the options to automatically block all the “mainstream” adult sites in one click, to manually block by URL, to block certain words on pages, and to provide a grace period for people to browse sites.

The BlockSite app also comes with an Android app, and the block settings can also be synchronized with the app.

Other Ways to Block Gambling or Other Addictive Sites

The default Windows Firewall can be used to block websites on Windows computers.

The host file can also be edited by Linux users to block the websites, also you can find how to create filters here.

The app store has a wide selection of website blocking apps for Android and iOS.

Use the built-in firewall on your router if it allows you to block websites.

Small businesses and home networks can benefit from firewalls, and they don’t cost a fortune.


In conclusion, if there is a will there is always a way. You can overcome your addiction, and to help you, there are programs ready-made. But, at the end of the day, it is you who must want it.