PLX Technology NAS 7800

The PLX® NAS7820, NAS7821 and NAS7825, a whole NAS system on a chip (SoC), has advanced networking and storage management practicality for OEMs developing leading consumer-storage devices. PLX’s latest NAS family was selected by EDN editors and readers from among thousands of candidates, citing the devices’ innovation and significance to the market.

Third-Generation PLX design Optimizes NAS styles

PLX is that the business leader in superior consumer-storage Si. The company’s storage SoC devices facilitate to manage the big – and exponentially growing — amounts of consumers’ digital content, as well as music, video, pictures, computer code applications, and private information.

The PLX NAS7800 family is PLX’s third generation of shopper NAS SoC solutions. It combines a dual-core ARM eleven digital computer with multiple NAS application-specific hardware engines and computer code acceleration modules. The devices’ design provides exceptional multi-client NAS performance, whereas at the same time running multiple computer code applications

PLX with success doubled overall performance of the previous generation by implementing its highly-optimized shaft design The flagship member of this new family, the NAS 7825, integrates twin ARM, eleven processors, likewise as a network co-processor, and is loaded with IO as well as twin RGMII, dual SATA, dual USB 2.0, and twin PCIe one.0 ports. The NAS 7825 answer is meant to support associate dilated vary of recent NAS-related styles and market opportunities, as well as routers/gateways, DVRs, and STBs. the twin RGMII ports are needed in router applications, twin SATA ports to support multiple drives, and therefore the twin PCI categorical ports to permit the addition of alternative peripherals or functions like Wi-Fi.