Linux Space Cube ready for blastoff

The “utterly rock-solid” construction of the space Cube, and also the superb range of connections it manages to suit into such a tiny low frame, together with jumpers that alter overclocking, is just commendable.

The space Cube relies on associate earlier mini-computer of constant general dimensions referred to as the Teacube. Introduced in 2004 by Personal firm, and updated in 2005, the cube was designed to demonstrate the T-Engine Forum’s T-Engine platform for embedded systems.

T-Engine is made around TRON (The time period software package Nucleus), associate embedded software package widespread in Japan. However, in 2003 the forum declared a collaboration with MontaVista aimed toward enabling T-Engine to support UNIX, whereas holding some TRON compatibility.

Japanese manufacturer Shimafuji is preparation a two-inch cubed pc that runs Red Hat UNIX on 1GB of flash. The space Cube is supplied with a MIPS-based necrotizing enterocolitis VR5701 processor, 64MB RAM, and diverse I/O connections, together with a Firewire-like “SpaceWire” port designed for spacefaring.

Designed primarily to manage and coordinate sensors and different devices on space stations and space vehicle, the Space Cube measures solely two x 2 x 2.1 inches (52 x fifty-two x 55mm), and runs on a 5V power provide. in keeping with the Shimafuji website, which dubs the most recent model of the space Cube because the SEMC5701B, the VR5701 processor is clocked between 200MHz and 300MHz.