Snapshot of Embedded Linux market 2007

Linux has actually established itself as a viable if not dominant embedded software system that’s employed in thousands of recent styles annually. Our survey results over the past four years show that UNIX adoption remains on the increase, though uptake has actually slowed since the “boom” years within the early a part of the last decade. This year’s survey results recommend that forty nine % of our survey’s respondents have used UNIX in embedded comes and/or merchandise — a growth of concerning 2 share points over last year’s results.

When can Linux’s embedded momentum peak?
Each year, we have a tendency to raise concerning planned OS use over successive 2 years, similarly as actual OS use over the previous 2. within the time period, planned use way surpassed actual use. Today, as additional and more project groups achieve death penalty their UNIX migration ways, the UNIX “uptake gap” has narrowed dramatically. Trend lines on the chart below recommend that by 2012, actual and planned UNIX use can converge, at concerning seventy %.

ARM currently high embedded processor design
Last year’s survey recommended that additional embedded UNIX developers expected to base comes on ARM than on x86 processors throughout successive 2 years. That expectation was complete this year, with thirty one % coverage victimization ARM in recent styles, compared to twenty-eight % victimization x86. to boot, enthusiasm for ARM remains high, with {32|thirty 2} % expecting to use ARM in future styles throughout the approaching two years, compared with twenty four % for x86.

Commercial UNIX suppliers gaining marketshare
Last year, we have a tendency to asked our readers wherever they obtained the UNIX OS that they employed in their embedded styles, and solely twenty one % cited “embedded UNIX vendors.” This year, twenty five % rumored obtaining their UNIX from associate embedded Linux trafficker, like MontaVista, Koan, Sysgo, Denx, Metrowerks, FSMLabs, LynuxWorks, Wind River, or TimeSys.

Similarly, twenty four % of last year’s respondents aforementioned they expected to supply UNIX from associate embedded Linux trafficker throughout the approaching 2 years, whereas this year, thirty one % expect to.