Does the GamBan App Work In New Zealand?

Gamban App New Zealand

According to the Gambling Act 2003, any gambling falls under illegal activities in New Zealand. The act strictly prohibits remote gambling and advertising gambling sites to foreign countries. The act regulates all the gambling activities from deciding a casino’s maximum bet amount and maximum turnover value. 

Even after such regulations, statistics show that about 70% of the New Zealand population have gambled at least once in their lives. Government statistical report shows that in 2020, New Zealand beat all the records of gambling expenditure since 2007. The report stated that New Zealanders spent 252 million dollars across the poker machines in and outside New Zealand. It concluded that every gambler spent around 572 dollars distributed through leading casino online brands in New Zealand and TAB (Totalisator Agency Board).  

The increasing rate of gambling advertisements on TV and social media acts as a catalyst to worsen the problem gambling situation in the country. The young generation is getting into the loophole of gambling with more exposure and lucrative offers. Although according to the new law, 40% of the profit made by the casinos is to be distributed as grants, the government of New Zealand should take adequate measures to help the situation.  

The New Zealand government is trying to collaborate with various charities that help problem gamblers and arrange online and offline campaigns to spread awareness about gambling addiction. Various charities such as The Salvation Army have come forward to help over 250,000 problem gamblers in New Zealand who practise risky gambling. 

Apart from charities that support addictive gamblers and help them overcome their addiction. Softwares that block gambling sites such as Gamban, Gamstop, Netnanny, etc., can play a major role in overcoming gambling addiction. These applications are of such use, mainly because about 50% of the gambling population uses online casinos and sites for gambling and betting. 

How Does the GamBan App Work In New Zealand?

How Gamban Works
How Gamban Works

Today, due to high demand, many responsible gambling applications such as Gamban, GameStop, Betblocker, and Net Nanny are launched. The primary function of this software is to block all gambling and gambling-related sites such as sportsbooks from the user’s device. This software uses a database where they record all the online casinos. The software usually blocks those sites in their database from the user’s device, making it impossible for punks to get access to the sites. 

The block is not permanent and has a period of exclusion that a user can choose. Once the exclusion period is over, the block is removed, and the user can access the sites or resubscribe to the program. The idea is to avoid anything that may trigger the user or create an urge for gambling. This software tries to block as many sites as possible. Still, in reality, the ever-growing gambling industry cannot be controlled. 

GamBan is a user-friendly application for blocking gambling sites. The application offers mainly two programs. “Cooling down” programs are short-term programs where the user is encouraged to stay away from gambling for a few months and get control of themselves. People who are at the edge of becoming addicted to gambling are advised to try this program. 

At the same time, people suffering from addictive gambling should opt for exclusion programs that block all sites for a longer period and restrict any gambling activity on their devices. Both the programs are priced reasonably and are available on all devices, including iOs, Android, Microsoft, and macOS. GamBan is available in most countries, including New Zealand, and is a good option for problem gamblers. Still, like any other such software, it is not effective in controlling advertisements and the ever-growing industry.

How Effective is Gamban?

How Effective Gamban
How Effective Gamban

Every day new casinos are getting launched with or without proper licensing. An application can’t block all these new sites, and punks will always find a way to get out of a block. Therefore, the addicted gambler should receive proper support and regular counselling along with this software. 

Another reason for addiction relapse is advertisements. Websites and apps know that the user visited casinos, and therefore the user is often bombarded with casino adverts. Sports channels are also filled with sportsbooks and casinos advertisements, as major sports teams and clubs are casinos or sportsbooks. Applications such as GamBan are simply ineffective in blocking such advertisements. Therefore, self-control is the key to overcoming addictive gambling. 


Apps like Gamban are often a blessing to problem gamblers of New Zealand. Realizing the problem is the first step for getting out of the gambling trap, and opting for counselling and blocking software can help. The app may not be effective in blocking adverts. Still, the users can find a tutorial and modify the settings of their social media apps and search engines to reduce the number of such ads on their news feed.