Asus-EP101TC for Android and HP trademarks Palmpad

The switch from Windows to Android is noteworthy. Many tablets are moving towards the android generation and Asus does not want to be the last. The Asus EP101TC table has moved from Windows CE to Android.

The company displayed its prototype of the tablet which was a 10 inch ARM based tablet and is likely to run on Android 3.

Asus also demonstrated a 12-inch Eee Pad EP121 tablet at Computex, featuring Windows 7 and a removable keyboard. NetbookNews made no mention of this model.

HP Trademarked Palmpad

Being the first palm-based technology, HP acquired the palm-sized tables with Linux WebOS. HP has not released details on what it plans to do with the trademark, but The Inquirer reasonably infers that the name will be used for the company’s upcoming WebOS-based tablet, which HP said is in the works. A WebOS-based tablet called the HP Hurricane is rumored to be ready for shipment as early as this quarter. (For a history of HP’s Slate and WebOS tablet news over the last six months, please see our recent coverage, here.)

HP is yet to release the details on its plans with the trademark but the names reasonably infer that the devices will be palm-sized smart devices.


The palmpads are available for sale and will be available for customers to buy already.